Saeed Ayat, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi Khoroushani
Journal Paper The Journal of Automation and Control Engineering (JOACE), Volume 4, Issue 4, 2016, Pages 319-323
Publication year: 2016


This paper proposes a new software for separation of skin lesion based on cloud computing. The objective of this system is to provide electronic services for initial dermatologic detections based on electronic function principles accessible at all times, all spaces, while being accurate, fast and low cost applicable by observing the security and confidentiality principles. The conducted assessments regarding the accuracy of the system’s detections, applicability and user satisfaction indicate success with 89% in detection accuracy and 89% user satisfaction with respect to the systems usability, accessibility, easiness, response time and detection accuracy. The response time of the server in operation in the (3 G) mobile phones is 5.45 seconds which is acceptable and appropriate as far as medical diagnosis is concerned.


Skin lesion, medical diagnosis, cloud computing, content-based image retrieval.

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