What is your problem?

I am a human being and full of feelings, sometimes I have doubts and mistrust, sometimes I am afraid of failure and full of the feeling of being a victim, my work is half finished and sometimes it embraces my sense of emptiness and worthlessness and repetition. I do not know the right and wrong way of my life, I am constantly branching out and self-blame does not leave me, I want to destroy myself and my life, maybe I often like to control everyone.

I am an early believer, I have been betrayed a lot. I am afraid of losing my health, my future and my life. I feel that I have no control over my life.

I have a bad luck and constant lack of luck.

My good friend, if you feel that your problem is similar to the above, you can join me

I am the manager of an 18-year-old company, I got a business partner to develop my business a few years ago, and now we have a disagreement. I feel like I have lost my company.
I want to have a sustainable business in production. I need to partner with at least one partner and a good investor. Do you know that the hardest thing is to trust? I want to sign hard contracts. Can you help?
We used to agree on many things with my business partner, but now our distance is getting bigger day by day and I do not know the reason! I even feel that the staff is fed up with our disagreement. I am tired of all this pointless arguing.

There is always a difference in leadership management style. Achieving empathy is essential for achieving the company’s goals and bringing together partners and all members of the group. You can take the optimal and safe route by using the presence of a coach.

I want to be a better manager, I do not know if leading my organization hurts the advancement of my organizational goals or not?

We have three- and five-person teams, but I can’t manage the project well. My teams do not have good productivity. I do not have a good feeling about the current and future situation of the company

How do I choose the right person? I am always involved in recruiting and retaining the right staff, and this is my biggest concern. I want to have capable staff. What do you have to offer me?

I have an engineering degree, I have the ability to negotiate, but I do not know what career to choose. I am involved in several selection issues. please guide me

Basically, knowing an issue can pave the way for its improvement, development and resolution.

I suggest a series to Tangarshoo! hit. You will find good resources and information there.

Valuable resources under clues to get through bad, good mood.

I want a life with meaning, but I do not know the way.

I feel a dark shadow over me, I am afraid of it and I do not know the way to cure it.

I was told that I was enchanted, I went to a fortune teller and he released me, but I still do not feel well.

I am getting older every day, I am approaching middle age and I am full of unfulfilled dreams, I am afraid that my life will end and I will not take the bag of the world. I do not feel good at all.

It is worth reading the following sources, however, I suggest you go with an instructor or psychotherapist to get results. Self-medication can hurt you dear friend!

I am in the field of art, but I currently work in the office of communication services. Although the salary is not enough, I am afraid that I will get into trouble by leaving the same job. I am saddened by the seconds of my life that are wasted for a small amount of money and I do not have the courage to quit.

When I became an employee, I thought that after a few years, I could easily be promoted and become a capable manager for the organization. Now, after 13 years of trying, I am convinced that meritocracy is not the basis for choosing managers. I feel sorry for myself! I am still in the process of starting my own business or continuing the same job for years to come.

I was very interested in working for myself (to be my own owner, not the slave of others!) So I left my job and turned to freelance, now I have many challenges, including that I do not have a certain salary, my disorder has increased and this The issue worries me.

It is very good to come to our senses in a moment and see who we have been and what we have expected of ourselves and where we are now and what horizon lies ahead of us.

I suggest you take a look at the following sources. If you would like to have a friendly chat.

In my opinion, one of the most enduring missions of all human beings is to develop. Loved ones who always come to me and ask about personal, professional and social development. It is very beautiful that I meet people who have this motivation every day, and in addition They try too. We become the ones who walk the path.

Studying these resources can open a new horizon for you to the extent that I have the skills, knowledge and expertise at my service.

Join me for a roadmap for personal and organizational development.

This is my thought for days and I speak all night

Why I am unaware of the state of my heart

Where did I come from and what was my coming?

If none of the issues raised are your issues, you can raise your issue so that my servant or colleagues can contact you at the earliest opportunity.





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From bad to good

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Your right job

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Design your life

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Some of the dear nomads I was proud to coach.

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