A Critique of the Crisis in Iranian Businesses


The evaluation of about 30 enterprises shows that these enterprises do not have the necessary ability to compete with foreign enterprises due to lack of agile leadership, effective and creative team, lack of systematic process of quality control and provision of services, and also in competition with enterprises. Innovative interiors quickly fail and are eliminated. Experimental studies on how domestic firms operate compared to several Chinese firms during 1984-95 show that it is important that the Chinese have a very clear understanding of some seemingly simple concepts such as quality (performance), functionality, cost. , And can strike a very good balance between cost, expected performance and customer expected performance (quality). These concepts all exist in a management technique called value engineering, and the institutionalization of this technique at various levels of Chinese enterprises has been one of the factors and tools of the Chinese’s great success in various international arenas.

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Keywords: Value Engineering, Business, Competitive Production

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Why should we read the book The Art of Clear Thinking at least three times!


Rolf Dubli notes contain key quotes and lessons, ideas and phrases.

Survival error means that people constantly overestimate their chances of success. Take a stand against this mistake by visiting cemeteries of projects, investments, and jobs that once seemed promising. Walking in this cemetery is unpleasant, but it is necessary to clear your mind.
Whenever a company claims that its products are better because of “more reputation”, be pessimistic. Why should a product be better just because it sells more? Remember Somerset Maugham’s wise saying: If fifty million people say something stupid, it’s still stupid.
If someone comes to you in the store to ask you to try a drink, a piece of cheese or a handful of olives, turn down their offer. This is my advice unless you want to fill your fridge with things you have no interest in.
The error of confirmation is rooted in all our misconceptions. The tendency is to interpret new information in a way that is consistent with our existing theories, beliefs, and convictions. In other words, we filter out any new data that conflicts with our current views. A dangerous habit. Aldous Huxley says: Truths do not disappear by ignoring the universe.
Authors of self-help books on quick money collect a bunch of reasons to magnify the most advanced theories. For example, “Meditation is the key to happiness” Every reader who seeks contradictory evidence tries in vain; Nowhere in these books do we find people who succeed in life without meditation or those who are still upset despite meditation.
Literary critic Arthur Keller-Crouch has a memorable motto: Kill your rabbits. This is his advice to writers who had trouble cutting out their dear but redundant sentences. Keller-Crouch’s request is not just for hesitant writers, but for all of us who listen to the satisfying silence. To combat verification error, try to write down your beliefs (about worldviews, investments, marriage, health, diet, and career strategies) and start finding conflicting evidence.
It is difficult but necessary to get rid of ideas that are like old friends.
Protect yourself from the error of availability by spending time with people who think differently from you, those who have different experiences and skills than you. We prefer misinformation to lack of information. It is because of this availability error that many banks have lost billions. We need input from others to overcome the availability error.
Always be careful of the driver’s knowledge. Never confuse a company spokesperson, circus director, TV newscaster, rhetorician, eloquent salesman, or stereotype person with those who really know something.
Real experts know the limits of what they know and what they do not know. If they feel out of reach, they simply shut up or say, “I do not know.” This sentence is also uttered without apology and even with pride.
Do not imagine that like a Roman emperor you have everything in life in your fist. Do not pretend to be too cold. So focus on the important things that really matter. About other things: Whatever it wants to be, it can be.
Think carefully about what you want before you consider offers. Write down your criteria and stick to them. Understand that you can never make a perfect decision. Given the flood of possibilities, having such a goal is a kind of irrational perfectionism. Instead, learn to love a “good” decision. Even in the case of a partner. Should you just look for the best? In an age of unlimited diversity, the opposite is true. This is the optimal situation in the new situation; Good enough
It can be said with certainty that we are much more adept at collecting objects than at disposing of them. This phenomenon not only justifies why we fill our homes with useless furniture, but also shows why lovers of stamps, clocks and art pieces are so reluctant to part with them. The effect of ownership is that the moment we acquire ownership of something, it becomes more valuable to us.
“Only as long as the shares are profitable,” the ads say. “Only today” warn posters. Gallery owners take advantage of this lack of error and put red “sold” signs under their paintings to present their remaining works as rare specimens that should be purchased as soon as possible.
The usual response to deficiency disrupts clear thinking. Measure the value of products and services based solely on their price and benefits. Whether a product is running out or whether doctors in London are interested in it should not be considered an impact on its value.
The aura effect occurs when it captures only one aspect of us and affects how we look at the big picture. The halo effect prevents seeing the real features. To neutralize this effect, go beyond the apparent value and factor in the most prominent features.
Forget the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The difference between innate thinking and conscious thinking is far greater. Remember about important decisions that, on an intrinsic level, we have a weakness for dealing with possible stories; Therefore, be careful of comfortable details and happy endings. Note: If an additional condition is applied, no matter how plausible it may seem, it is likely to happen.

Meters can be no more.
Use these scientifically validated tips to make better and smarter decisions:
Avoid negative things that you can not get used to. Like traffic between home and work, noise or chronic stress
Expect short-term happiness from material things like a car, a house, winning the lottery, rewards and prizes.
Consider as much free and independent time as possible for yourself because the long-term positive effects usually come from what you do all the time.
Pursue your interests even if you have to spend part of your income on them.
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Life change, individual transformation, society transformation

Publications… .. Translated by Adel Ferdowsipour

A Short Review of the National Improvement Team A love story of a business transformation

    • AbstractTeaching specialized concepts in the field of management and industry in a style understandable to the general public interested in various fields of entrepreneurship and starting a business is one of the most difficult activities. Using a novel style, this book has been able to express the concepts of participatory management and industry and organizational productivity in the simplest possible way.Introduction: How did this book reach me?It was in August that a request was made for coaching Scrum, a good information technology company called Paka Informatics Group, managed by Mr. Shamgani. When I had the first meeting with Engineer Shamgani, I was very happy to meet another enthusiastic and follow-up manager of business transformation, improvement and development with Paka Group and their business. A manager who values ​​human resources and pursues increased productivity and development. I am glad that in this economic situation, our good managers are thinking of increasing productivity day by day.Anx who knows and knows who knows / The little horse jumped from the revolving dome
      The one who knows and does not know to know / Inform that he is not asleep enough
      He who does not know and knows that he does not know / to take home his vault
      He who does not know and does not know that he does not know / to remain in the compound ignorance of Abdoldahr

      And why was this coaching period different from my other coaching !?

      The law of “karma” did its job: The second coaching scrum session at Paka Company was coming to an end when one of the esteemed employees of this company, Mr. Arash Raftari, gave me a book to read called: And Karaneh ”by Hadi Aghazadeh. The arrival of this book in my hand was as if one of the laws of “karma” was working. That’s why I started writing to write.

      Exhumation of memories too far, too close

      I read the introduction of this book in a romantic way and it was interesting to me because his writing style was similar to my own writings, simple and clean. The further I went, the deeper the connection with this book, as if I had deeply experienced every part of it! The more I continued the book, the more I became acquainted with Amir Hossein, who was the main character in the story! And scenes from the tumultuous past of one of my work experiences passed before my eyes! When I read parts, my throat exploded, and with happy parts, and in some places, I felt a sense of pride and power in my being. It was as if Amir Hossein (the first character in this story) was me. What a common denominator we had!

      Sometimes how soon it gets late sometimes…

It was 90-91, a year full of sweet and bitter events. When a small pickle factory was going bankrupt, only five of the 15 workers were left. This small workshop was located in one of the industrial areas of Isfahan and was closing. Since one of the shareholders of this workshop was closely acquainted with me and I heard their complaints and grievances every day, I decided to help! I was young at that time and I was looking for a name and of course bread! My dream was to be known as one of the best young managers in the country and what better opportunity than this! In short, in 9 months, I was able to turn a closed 5-person workshop into a factory whose products were exported to some Arab countries and still are, and on the other hand, its products were distributed to the northernmost and southernmost parts of the country, and now it is the same. . When I decided to start this transformation, I had no understanding of “process” and “performance improvement”, I did not know where to start, I just believed that I would succeed and I had to do it.

“If someone offered you a job opportunity but you weren’t sure you could do it, accept it first and then learn how to do it,” said Richard Bramon, director of Virgin Group. Richard Branson

At that time I was a graduate student of software engineering and I was doing several different activities at the same time (it was a wonderful time!) And I did not know anything about industrial engineering and I started reading management books! I did not even know what to study and where to start or what class to take! I read so many books that I gradually entered the world of industrial engineering and business management and quickly implemented the concepts I was learning. From ‘QFD Inclusive Quality Development’ to ‘CRM Customer Relationship Management’, from value engineering to management tools and…

Yes, it was like that, brother…

It was a stressful time for me, I believed that I would succeed and of course I had the necessary motivation. What disasters did not befall us and what achievements we did not have! However, after 9 months of unparalleled success, a five-person workshop became a 50-person factory with a variety of different jam products, pickles and pickles, and a variety of vinegars, and so on. Its brand soon became a well-known brand, and one after another, commendation plaques and production licenses arrived. Although the ending was not pleasant for me, but I got the best experiences and knowledge…

in short

In short, I recommend reading this highly informative and practical introductory novel to all those interested in the field of business and entrepreneurship. If you want to learn the basic concepts of participatory management and industry and production in a simple and accurate language, be sure to read this book! Thanks to the author of this book, they have used the Kaizen approach well throughout the book to prepare a simple and thought-provoking book, and I hope it will be a turning point in the evolution of their business for the esteemed readers. Really reading this book was the exhumation of the grave, when reading the last part of it, Johnny was breathed into me again, as if the world was shouting “Arise and live again…”

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Collaborative management, business transformation, industrial engineering, Kaizen, continuous improvement

A brief review of the book ``Marketing Management to Raise Capital``


The present book is written to study undergraduate students in the fields of financial management and business in the field of marketing management to attract capital. Thus, in the book, after an overview of the capital market and a description of its working method, marketing concepts and tools for attracting capital are examined. These concepts and tools are explained in three parts: developing a marketing strategy to gain customers ‘mental share, developing marketing tactics to gain market share, and developing value creation methods to gain customers’ heart share.

Introduction: How did this book reach me?

I bought this book years ago and when I was reading I did not understand anything about it !!! Because so many concepts were new! Some time ago, while I was arranging my home office book, I saw this book! The title of the book had a stretch that I should definitely read! Although it was very old! I will share the results of reading this book with you

I read it in the morning until evening. A comparative study of the concepts expressed in the book in relation to the year of publication and what I knew about the Iranian business environment during those years, as well as the current environment of businesses and startups, clarified a few points for me:
1- The concepts expressed in the book regarding the business environment of Iran in 1390 have been very new and unknown. Naturally, this book was not without merit at that time just to get more acquainted with the entrepreneurial literature of academics and business owners.
2- Now, after 8 years from the date of publication of this book, some of the words and terms in it can be heard in all corners of the Iranian business environment, and this shows the great distance between the entrepreneurial literature and the development of our business with the West. has it.

In general, I consider the title of this book very beautiful, smart and needed by today’s business environment, with the difference that:

1- Marketing approach to attract extraordinary capital and needed by Iranian businesses. Most startups and businesses lack marketing skills in this area. Therefore, the general approach of the book is very necessary in Iran and its emptiness is felt.
2- The concepts and processes in this book cannot be used in Iran and a book should be written with a similar title but in accordance with the business conditions of Iran.
3- The third part of this book, which refers to the literature and architecture of basic marketing, is written in a simple and practical way and can be used by Iranian businesses.

In the end, I would like to thank the translators of this book and I hope to see stronger translations of rich and suitable books for Iranian businesses.

Strategic recommendations

Although the process of selecting a book and translating it is very difficult and challenging, our dear translators must pay attention to the following before translating a book:

1- Strategy (mental contribution): What market is the book suitable for: academic, business or government?
2- Value (heart share): What value does the book create in terms of services and process?
3- Tactics (market share): How and by what strategy should the book target the market?
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Investor Angels, Angles, Accelerators, Accelerators, Venture Capitals

Living in a danger zone with black swans

Have you ever encountered people who, after a very unexpected event (such as the unexpected increase in the global gold’s population after the martyrdom of General Soleimani), start all kinds of analyzes and that it was completely predictable ?! Or, for example, about bitcoin!

Instagram is full of people who say the following about Bitcoin:

“Did you know that if you bought Bitcoin worth one million of your revenue in 2005, you would be a billionaire by all means now?”

Or those who blame the stock market activists that we said the stock market is falling hard! And then they refer you to books like Dominguez Salvatore’s “Microeconomics” and somehow show off this subject and their intelligence that sometimes the listeners feel stupid! How about a jump in the dollar from 1,200 tomans to about 4,000 tomans and then 14,000 tomans ?! You might say now it was predictable. Wait a minute. # اندکی_تامل.

Personally, I have encountered Croatian showmen (the term used by #Sadra_Ali_Abadi) over and over again after unexpected events. how about you?!

These are called strong blacks! What is a strong black story?

An unexpected event with a huge consequence that can be explained and predicted after the event. Simply put, strong black has three characteristics: 1. It is almost unpredictable, so we consider it very unlikely to happen. 2. The consequences are huge 3. After the event, people claim that such an event was predictable!

And why strong black? Before the discovery of Australia, everyone thought that swans were white, until in Australia, swans were discovered that were not only not white, but vice versa, black! Seeing white swans millions of times does not mean that black swans do not exist.

Black swans are a symbol of “shocking events.” They are astonishing because no one predicted it and was not ready for it. Why? Because we humans want to predict the future by looking at past experience (history). And obviously, mobile phones were not invented in the past. There was no ISIS. Hitler was not born. The Soviet Union had not collapsed and the Kermanshah earthquake and the Golestan flood had not occurred.

“Nasim Talib” divides people into two groups in relation to black swans: fortune tellers who try to see the world in the form of a middle ground (Nasim Talib is a word builder) with mathematical models and Gaussian diagrams, but it is not, and therefore their predictions Goes wrong. And those who want to extract theory and hypothesis by trying to establish a cause-and-effect relationship after the strong black occurred. In a way, Talib mocks everything that happens in universities. He says the university simulates the environment and that simulation creates bias. Like a bodybuilder who works out at the gym but can’t lift a single stone in the real world. He condemns economists who use their models to create blindness to the real world, where black swans sleep.

Note that black swans are not always negative, but can have positive effects: mobile, artificial intelligence, currency codes, and the voting of immigrants and minorities in elections in developed countries; All black swans are positive. (Taken from the article #Mojtaba_Lashkar_Bloki)

The first is to accept that the probability of astonishing events (the discovery of black swans) cannot be calculated using scientific methods. Unfortunately, experts in this field have as much power of prediction and prediction as the common people. Our defaults make us blind to seeing black swans.

The second task is to consider the black swans (unlikely futures) in addition to the definite parameters (definite future) and possible scenarios (probable futures). How? Think about the unlikely future. Among the unlikely futures, identify those that have the most fundamental impact on us, and then ask ourselves what the effects are, and then how can we not be harmed by its negative effects or use its positive effects? For example, we think that no bank in Iran has gone bankrupt so far, and if it goes bankrupt, the central bank will compensate. Why? Because such a thing has not happened in the past. But maybe once we realized that there is a damn strong black and exactly the bank where 100% of our deposit is, went bankrupt and….

We may not be able to stop floods, earthquakes, wars, inflation of a thousand percent. But we can be exposed to an event or not, or we can take compensatory measures to cover them or not. A person who has a house on a fault is much more vulnerable to earthquakes. We can not stop the earthquake, we can not even say when the earthquake will come? But we can not live in the danger zone. Also have the necessary mental, mental, physical and nutritional preparation for the earthquake.

We can not prevent the bankruptcy of our bank, but….

We can not prevent the spread of artificial intelligence, but…

We can not prevent the emergence of cryptocurrencies, but…

Historical experience has shown that Iran is a land of black swans, black swans have both positive and negative effects. We cannot catch or tame black swans, but we can take action to prepare ourselves for the next black swan.

For strategic prescriptions, I encourage you to read the powerful Black Book. # Best_books_who_read

Impressions from reading books and critiques in cyberspace, including: Article #Mojtaba_Lashkar_Bloki and #Sadra_Ali_Abadi